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Belmont Shore Guidelines

Please use these guidelines in conjunction with the General Safety Guidelines.
The City of Long Beach Lifeguards in consultation with the City’s Kite surfing concessionaires and the Southern California Kite Boarding Association have prepared these guidelines to help ensure that Kite Surfing on City Beaches is an enjoyable and safe experience.


I.  Kite surfers are considered vessels

Kite surfers must abide by all laws and regulations related to vessels including the City Municipal codes sections
listed below

16.12.120 Vessels restricted from swimming area.
No person shall operate any vessel within the protected ocean swimming area except for the purpose of launching

16.12.130. Launch from or landing on beach.
In launching from or landing at the beach, shore, or surf, the operator of any vessel shall select a course as near to right angles to the beach as navigation allows and shall not exceed five miles per hour. No person shall use any vessel in a reckless or negligent manner so as to endanger swimmers within the protected ocean-swimming area.

II.      Operate safely when on the open water

Boating and Navigational “Rules of the Road” apply to kite surfing and must be observed

Jumping and Jibing should be done at least 200 feet from the shore and as far from other watercraft as possible to ensure everyone’s safety

The use of Kite leashes is strongly recommended
Hands Free Spinning Leash Information here

III.      Launch areas

Be aware of the areas designated for kite surfing lessons, which are shown on the map below. 

IV.      Bike Path Restrictions 

Kites are to be flown at least one line length away from the bike path.  This means you should never fly a kite across or over the path. 

Crossing the path with equipment can be dangerous to cyclists and others. Please wrap your lines around the bar when crossing the path.  You should never stretch lines across the path. 

V.      High volume beach days, such as the fourth of July and other holidays may make safe kite flying extremely difficult. Please exercise good judgment on these days, which may include deciding not to kite surf. 

VI.      Cooperation, Compliance and Courtesy

Please cooperate with City safety personnel.

Set a good example by complying with these guidelines and making your best effort to enjoy the sport of Kite surfing safely.

Remember that courtesy and cooperation are in everyone’s best interest

Kite surfing is only one of the recreational activities permitted on City beaches, and it is important that everyone is able to enjoy the beach safely.

VII.      Sales and Lessons 

Providing or offering to provide Kite surfing lessons without a valid City of Long Beach concession permit is a violation of the Municipal Code and may result in the issuance of a citation.  (See 16.16.060 below) 

16.16.060 Sale or solicitation permit.

A. No person shall offer, provide, sell, rent or solicit for sale or rent any goods, equipment, merchandise, food, beverage, service or instruction on, at, or from, any public beach, marina, …without first obtaining a permit to do so from the Manager of the Marine Bureau.

For information on Kite Surfing Lessons using City Beaches contact one of the City concessionaires listed below:

Kites Etc., Kite Now 

For information on concession permits please call (562) 570-3207.  However, please be aware that the City is not seeking additional concessionaires at this time.