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Sunset Beach Guidelines

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Paul Yost at sbyost@adelphia.net

  • Sunset Beach, California is an advanced kiteboarding beach. Every kiteboarder must be able to stay upwind, self rescue, water relaunch and be able to handle waves.
  • KITE LEASH MANDATORY Separation of kite from kiteboarder is unacceptable (unless due to equipment failure). If kiter looses kite due to reckless kiting or improper leash that kiter will be banned from kiting at Sunset Beach.
  • Kiters must enter and exit the water at 15th street only. If not able to stay upwind then do not kite. That should be a threshold of 13 to 15 mph wind. No shoreline down winders
  • Once kiter is in the water they are to proceed past the breaking waves and stay out past them. The ocean is your playground just not the shoreline on crowded days. Stay away from all swimmers and surfers.
  • No flying or jumping on the beach. Rig up, check lines, launch and head immediately to the water. Stay 100 feet and more from the houses (that is one kite length) at all times.
  • Roll lines up when kite is on the sand. Lifeguards are not responsible for any damage to your equipment if left out on the beach.
  • Assist any kiter in need. We are to self police and rescue. The lifeguards are busy with the swimmers and should not have to worry about us.
  • Please, enjoy your day kiting, but failure to adhere to these rules will result in swift action from the lifeguards or the Kite Patrol! If you need assistance with your kite, persons kiting unsafely, find a Kite Patrol member (will be wearing a shirt that says KITE PATROL on the front and back) and they can help you. Do not bother the lifeguards and work it out among fellow kiters.